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And they're off

Hello all!

Diversification has finally arrived.

I am eventually eliminating my US Commemorative dollar set.

I will never finish it. I put it up for sale on an auction site.

I really don't need to sell it. I just want to use the funds to diversify, and also for grading fees.

Canada is looking good. I have all but a few. NGC won't grade the complete $20 set, so I'll have to settle for the one's they do grade.

I finally got a clad 2009 proof set I am keeping. Big deal. I got most graded and can't afford the rest. lol

The Mint said they sent my silver proof sets. Overnight is like August to the Government. So much for those getting graded this month.

I have, at least, a phony image of a 2009 ASE to hang someplace. It is just another botched silver order from an incompetent somebody, at West Point, making a six digit paycheck.

Looking to hire a "Production Manager" for US silver coin production? No experience necessary.

Does anyone know what the "New World Coinage" will look like or be made of? What Mint will they use?

I hope NGC will grade them.

I am getting tired of the same old thing every year.

My NZ coins look pretty nice for the pocket change I sent in. There are even some MS grades.

No word if they want to tackle the resto job yet.

Those of you that email me regularly know about that.

Well, buy my Commems and I'll work on finishing my Canada sets.

Three coins sold on the site this week. I listed 2 on feebay, but it already cost me more than I should have paid. I have 3 views already. WOW!

You all are welcome to look anytime....it's free.

I need a $20 Canada "buggy"

Great grades and good buys to everyone.

Speaking of Goodbyes




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