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FeeBay is a losing proposition

Hi all!

Just a short addendum to Paul's journal.

A few of us abandoned FeeBay almost 2 months ago. We aren't looking back. I paid the $49.99 for a lifetime of free listings and no FV fees. You may list in several ways and get up to 5 images, per listing, as Paul said. Free T shirt too!

Personally I have had more good sales, with no fees I didn't ask for. I have a lot more people looking too.

Here's the link to see or join:


Paul saved the signup fee(seller+)for much less than a month's fees at the other.

More perks too! If you have coins, or sets to sell, you can list them here until they sell......for free!

I'm there....even some of your friends may be there. I know Paul is just another member that got fed up with feeding the bigger "E".

Just click on the red oval that's labeled "join". You won't be sorry.

eBid is meant for everyone....even if you only want to look.

The next time your 10 coins don't sell, and you relist them with feeBay.....you'll remember our journals?

Get more value for your bucks.....it's a bit more than one coin grading. Be among friends!

I'm a quitter too.

I received a few emails already, and I will admit that eBid isn't for everyone. $49.99 may seem like a lot. It isn't.

EBid may not have the base as ebay, but you are exposed to the world. I also can work with a buyer or seller without being questioned about policy. For a few bucks you can join just as a "buyer".

Hey.....do that, and buy a few of my coins. You may find something you can't on eBay.

A few asked me about it months ago. Less joined. Now, more members have opened their eyes and closed the wallet. Use the money you save to grade that special coin. Your money should be invested in coins. Pay grading fees with saved listing and FV fees. You'll see!

By the way, my next set is in QC.

Have a great day......and welcome to eBid, Paul, Jay, and a few others.




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