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A lot of bucks for a possible 42 point set?

Hi everyone!

42 points is the lowest they'll grade. It's a 14 coin circulated series.

I was going through some sets of world coins and realized some slots could be filled by some that I have amassed.

I had to buy a few to get the set complete.(I have learned to accept whatever grades I get), but at least it will be 100%.

I will be replacing my 1960 1c large date soon. I kept the one I had as a not so fond memory and a wasted grading.

Sacs did well. Friends are great to have.

Almost everything is caught up so I can finally breathe a sigh of relief again.

I'll be ridding myself of my modern commemorative dollars soon. I want to diversify, so out they go. This asset isn't worth the liability.

Canadians are doing well, but NGC is a little stingy with 70s.

I just got some unopened beauties and hopefully low numbered strikes. I will be flooding the market with a bunch of PF 68 and PF 69 Canadian's soon.

I see the 4 pennies did well for those selling them on ebay.

I had my hands in my pockets to get the best Sacagaweas I could for this year. My sets of PF70 Sacs are now where they should be.

I see a lot of friends, and a few new faces are moving ever closer in the Registry. Great job!

Well, when my set comes back, don't expect me to move up. I just felt sorry for the little things and gave them a new home.

The eBid site is going through growing pains. It's a good thing I don't have to pay for listing when it's down for repairs. Best move I ever made. I have 1 coin on eBay for the second time. It already cost me more than a month at eBid.

Well folks, I promised myself to upgrade some coin scans and I put it off long enough.

I might consider trades on my $1 Commem set.

Have a great week!




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