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I know times are bad, but c'mon!!!

Hello everyone!

Well, to start things off, my mail lady left a note in the box Saturday morning. It said she missed me at home. She did?

I was up at 06:00 and waited for her until noon.

Zip, zilch, nothing, nada! She never showed. I have to wait until Monday morning!

It was only a few commemorative coins for my sets from 2001-2003.

They have never been opened, and they should get good grades.

I got them and opened the package.........2 out of the 5 were the wrong coins. One was opened, but it looks pristine, however I have 2 of them already.

My last 2 submissions to NGC came out pretty good. Mostly PF 69.

No complaints there.

I went to WalMart on both Saturday and Sunday. Again.....zip,zilch,nada! No new coins.....AT ALL!

I did find a new penny in the parking lot of the truckstop up the street. What is going on here folks?

I received my clad proofs from the Mint. They're on the way back.

They looked worse than the penny I found lying on the ground. I asked for the overnight shipping, and they show up the same day my graded 2009 proofs from NGC? Mail from Australia is faster than that!

Oh......I asked NGC to put the serial number of my 5 Canadian coins on the label. NOPE!!! I sent the COA for each, but no good.

I guess I'll have to settle with the vanity of having my name put on them.....how crude?

On the bright side..........I got a BU 1943 Australian three pence with a Denver mint mark. Yes, Denver, like in Colorado!

Of course there is no set to put it in, but I will have it graded. It is a very nice coin!

I am hoping tomorrow will be a turn around day. I got a few sales on eBid, and high fees on eBay. I will post one last time on eBay and that's it! My 1987 proof Loons go away! Someone will want them someday.

Good luck to all those hoping for 70s.

Congratulations to Nicholas for selling 4 PF 70 pennies for over $1,300.00.

$300.00+ each for the new pennies? My 2008 PF 70 pales by comparison.



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