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The mint works in strange and mysterious ways.

Hi Collectors!

I personally could care less about the new coins. I have had a few ask me about them , and I've told them that our(upstate NY)banks will not order the new coinage. They don't need it.

The only place I have received anything new is WalMart.

Yup!!!!! the biggest cash flow in today's economy.

NGC has a paragraph about it too.

As most of you know, I am hot on the proof Sacs. These were to replace the paper note in 2000-2001. It didn't really catch on.

Ikes,SBAs, even the Presidents will not work until they get rid of the notes.

Here is what NGC said about the Sacs. The new coins seem to be seeing the same outlet.

"Both the Philadelphia and Denver Mints are striking the Sacagawea Dollar for general circulation, while proofs of this coin are made at the San Francisco Mint. Though the U. S. Mint had not intended to issue the circulating coins until March of 2000, the great interest shown in them prompted an innovative distribution program that was launched in mid-January. The initial delivery of Sacagawea Dollars was made to the nationwide chain of Wal-Mart stores, the retailer agreeing to furnish the coins to anyone seeking them, as well as issuing them in change for purchases. A more general distribution was made shortly thereafter through the conventional channels of the federal reserve banks".

WalMart si.......bankie no!

And now you know the rest of the story



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