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Environmental Damage PartII



Can you ever be sure?

Hi everyone!

I was just looking to see if all my latest submissions made 70s, when I saw cvcc's journal.

I guess it happens to everyone sooner or later. I have done what I can to prevent environmental damage.

These slabs, regardless of grading company, are not perfect. They do a fine job of physically protecting the coin, but airborne contaminants are just that. They infiltrate places nothing else can go. I see 2009 coins already toning in slabs.....why?

They aren't sealed.......

They may look intact, but can you test a slab for possible infiltration? Simply.......NO

Can you do anything to help prevent damage? YES!

I use Intercept Shield boxes and envelopes. A Lucent Technologies product, they claim to have the answer to environmental damage by gaseous infiltration.

I do not sell their product/s ,but I surely use them on every coin I can put them into.

My Sacs and Prezzies are highly susceptible to damage and early toning. The Canadian "bronze" plated coins too!

It costs more for this protection, but until something better comes along, I feel somewhat confident.

I have about 35 boxes, and need about 20 more, soon.

I have a source that I can direct you to if you like. I have no affiliation other than a friend and fellow collector.

I don't have priceless coins, but I cannot replace a lot of them, so.......

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure".

Between slab integrity and Intercept Shield, I am hoping my collection will look good in another 100 years...even if I don't!

Maybe this might save someone else's getting into cvcc's shoes in the future.

Wish me 70s for my Sacs.

I wish you all 70s for the rest. lol




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