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Want to list your coin auctions for free?

Hello everyone!

I found a place to go.

Yes, there is a fee for the top perks, but feebay has no perks.

It has become a place to plop your hard earned investment to be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Listing fees, subtitle fees, 1 free photo,gallery fees, highlight fees.......had enough yet? No, you say???

How about the hefty "final value fee"? Next comes the "PayPal Only" coin transaction? Give me a break!( I kept it clean)

I cannot do this anymore. I am trying another place.

Lifetime subscription.....$49.99 That's it!


I paid the above fee. I just listed 14 auctions. A regular,a reserve,a Buy It Now,and a Dutch auction. I took the highlighted a few times and the "featured" a few more. So far, less than $6 bucks. All 14? YUP

You can enter up to 5 photos per auction, free too!

Now the kicker......no final value fees. Depending on auction listing choice.

You even get a free logo Tshirt.

Want to hear more? I bet you do.

I get points for winning bids. I get points for new members. All you need to do is click on the link. You can even go for as little as 7 days to 365. There is a fee for that.

My first listing (30 days) has had 134 views in one (1) day. On feebay, I never got that on 20 auctions in a month.

I want to see what happens when I sell......is this the way to go for us in the coin collecting world? I think it is for me.

I blew $50 last month on feebay listing fees and sold a $3.00 coin.


OH......you can accept various forms of payment too. Remember the check/money order era? PayPal too, but you know all about their(feebay) fees. Credit cards, debit cards, Google, and a few I never heard of.

Please don't email me to death. I am a tired little old man.

If there is one negative response, just one, to my entering the link, you ain't gonna get it from me. If you have the money.....I know you've thrown away more on feebay. I was pleasantly surprised. Maybe this is the wake up call to the high priced place?

If there are no dissenters, I will leave the link tomorrow. Their special is only on for a short time.


This has been a GREAT day!

OH.......my last submission made it to QC today. I hope they got the hint?

Peace and tranquility to all.

Have the safest of Holiday weekends!




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