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A little good news!



This will at least please someone.one coin, one

Hello fellow collectors.....friend and foe.

Like it or not.......some members of the Society have chosen the member they feel has the most need. I honored that consensus and passed on the funds.

Like it or not, we may save a member. We are all here for the same reason. No members, no Society.

I want to thank the members that stepped up to the challenge. I'd like to thank all that emailed me with support, ideas, or actual donations.

If this saves just one coin, it will have been worth it.

My offer still stands until the need subsides.

More and better ideas are coming every day. Let's hope we can get throught this without destroying some great dedication.

Members helping members.....one at a time.

I am proud to be a member of this Society.

I am proud to have met so many great people.

Thanks to all!

Let's keep on collecting!

God bless!




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