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I cannot believe any of this!

Hello to all!

I cannot believe a act of kindness or generousity is so poorly taken.

I see some members cannot read, and the others didn't comprehend what they read.

I am not selling coins using the Society as a vehicle. I donated a few coins for a cash donation. I stood up and offered all I could. Another member stands up and commits. Members helping members. Have I lost someone yet?

I can put coins on Ebay, Bonanzle, Craig's list, Amazon, or other venue.

I can try to get whatever is offered, pay outrageous fees, and send a half a loaf to someone that needs a little help. WOW! That defeats the purpose!

Some Bozo wants to pay a bargain basement price for good coins to get another feedback or whatever?

I am giving my coins - NOT SELLING !!!

I asked Society members first, because it effects us. That's right! You, me and all the rest. This is supposed to be for the betterment of the hobby.

No one cried when I asked for help with a coin or a set, but I guess this is a different kind of help. I must have been raised differently.

If you want to quote scripture.....and I'm not good at it, but.....

I remember something about the bread cast upon the water being returned 10 fold.

I guess there are a few willing to make this work. I see there are also a few that could care less as long as they have their coins secured. May they never have to walk in our footsteps.

I wish I could give more. Im glad some can still give without a wimper.

My Dad told me this " If you don't have something good to say, say nothing at all".

Have a great evening and God bless!




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