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Here's what I get for impulse shopping.

Hello again everyone.

I just got carried away and bought a coin that caught my eye.

It's a Canadian Snowflake?

I dunno......my French is lousy too.

It's a $20 silver proof with 7 Swarovski crystals. One clear in the center of the reverse, and 6 amethyst crystals in the snowflake.

It is supposedly .9999 silver? Mintage is 7500.

I need some Canadian coin expetise on this one.

1.) How big is this coin in diameter?

2.) What does it weigh?

3.) Is it gradable by NGC?

4.) Is there a slot for these if it is graded?

5.) I paid $108.00 for it. Is it worth it?

This is a true instance where I bought the coin. I hate raw coins, but I have had good luck with them.

If you enjoy the same warped sense of beauty I am blessed with, you'll be happy to know that it's also available in sapphire blue!

So much for impuse purchases.

Happy collecting eh?




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