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A picture is worth.........?



Just because you own the coin doesnt mean.......

Hi everyone,

I recently discovered something new.

NGC certification verification has images. Nice images of the coin you are checking.

NGC now images every coin that is certified and processed. That has wonderful meaning to those that require adequate proof beyond a reasonable doubt. This is amazing off-site data storage.

The insurance companies will have to pay up now on coin thefts.

The one thing I liked about the images, is that I thought I could enter the coin, with a description, and be finished.

Whoaaaaaa! Not so fast! You may have the coin, and a receipt, but you aren't getting the photo. Oh no, that isn't yours. Amy says it belongs to NGC. It is proprietary! That's a big word that Amy knows what it means.

Remember that camera guy? Now he has to get involved with imaging your coin for the Registry.

You ain't gettin' it for free, Pilgrim.

After a pleasant conversation with her, I understood completely.

She also straightened out my dyslexic fingers from working on coins at 3:00 AM.

I feel like that Emmitt Smith commercial......."REJECTED"

If you've never heard from Amy, you either get it right 100% of the time, or you don't list too many coins at 3:00AM.

It is quite refreshing to be informed and updated on this newest technology.

I guess the moral of the story is......

If you want to have images of your coins, either pay $3.00 each when they're graded, or buy a good scanner and DIY.

With all that said, I'm outta here.

Good Day and thanks again to Amy




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