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Upgrading is the way to go!



Why is one little number so big?

Hi everyone!

I am finally reaching a plateau in collecting. I started with ASEs in NGC PF 69. I added the MS set in 69. I have been very fortunate to have been able to keep up to date.

A few good things, and friends, have happened in the last 8 months.

I have been able to add a set or two in PF 70.

I have been lucky(with help) to complete my "W"eird 30 coin quarter set and start another.

Now I have reached a plateau.

I have some nice sets. The older are all in PF or MS 69. It's now time to improve.

Being an investment, rarity is not something I look for. I have started to replace a few of the coins in my sets. I figure if I do a couple at a time, I can succeed.

I just went out on a limb and added 5 PF 70s to my "W" Statehood Quarters.

I was fortunate to get the "king" of ASEs this summer. The 1995 W in PF 69. That wasn't an upgrade, but it finished my set.

I would love to afford all 70s, and the prestige, but this is supposed to be a "hobby"(obsession spelled incorrectly).

My most recent addition is the 2008/07 Eagle in MS 70. I now have the 69 for sale.

This December I set a goal of being ranked 500 in the Registry.

Due to some help, and prodding, from members and friends, I have made it handily. A milestone I am proud of.

With all of you commenting and advising, I am well ahead of any dreams I ever had. I can see 400 in the near future.

Of couse, the Mint has helped with a jillion new coins every year now. As you know, I need 14 Sacagaweas just to keep up to date.

Thanks to all of you, I have never been so happily broke.

Keep up the good work, and I'll try to maintain the spirit of collecting.

With another box of goodies on it's way to NGC, I'll say

Good Night!

May you dream of 70s and complete sets.




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