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The Rise and Fall of 2006 Franklin Commemorative Set



I just had to have 'em.

I never intended to start collecting coins at my age(now 61). The great sets I collected with my Grandfather would have been fine, except they were all stolen.

I started a "raw set of eagles when they first came out, but being a single parent, I soon had to sell them off to pay bills.

Well, I finally got a job where I could work decent hours and still be with my son after school. The money wasn't bad, so I thought about coins in slabs. With the little extra I had every week, I started with, yes, Shop At Home, and the infamous Robert Chambers.

I started in 1991. I had a bunch of years to catch up on, but gradually got caught up to the 2000 set(PF & MS). I tried different shops and auction sites. I got everything I could afford. These were both PF and MS 69. I never did get the 1995 W Proof Eagle. It was always out of reach. I saved up, and when it went to $1700.00, my jaw dropped. I sold my car to pay bills and figured I'd finally grab the elusive "King".

No such luck. Sold the car, and the 1995 W Eagle flew away to over $3500.00 in PF 69. I hung my head, but continued the 2 sets until late 2005.

The year 2006 brought the Franklin Commemorative Set.....absolutely beautiful(in my opinion). I listened to Chambers saying that this was the greatest 4 coin set to ever leave the mint. The coins looked so nice. PF 69 and MS 69 were not too expensive, but I took a stand. I told myself I would get rid of some exotic car parts, and go for the set of four in 70 grade.

I bought the first from SAH. I went to eBay for the remaining three. I got them all for about half of the SAH price, so I made a "good deal". Did I really? I look at the prices now, and the set in NGC 70 grade is cheaper than I paid for the first one.

Oh well, my Tiger Woods cards took a dive too!

In retrospect, I will keep those original four coins.

I have been fortunate to get sets at reasonable prices, and I mainly do it as an investment. So, the time has come that some of the Franklins(I just had to have) will go down the road.

I will lose my shirt, but I can always buy another Sacagawea....lol

I just dumped a few on eBay, so if you are looking, I have a few on now.

I also was "fortunate" enought to upgrade my "W" Eagles to NGC MS 70. They look as nice as the MS 69 set I replaced. I see a slot in 2009 for a W, but will there be one? I had to get the famous 2008/2007 error too. That makes four 2008 Eagles.

Needless to say, I will have MS 69 eagles for sale soon.

I also have 10 coin NGC Sacagawea sets, but NGC won't slot the other 2000.

Maybe I will be OK when the Lincoln Commemorative arrives.

From now on, I will only fill slots, and not get so carried away with trying to save the varieties.

Regardless of what the future may bring. I am going to try for the 500th rank by year's end. With the help of some friends I met here, and on line, I will advance somewhat slowly, but I will achieve this goal. Here's to all the members that strive to excel in their collections.

Good Luck!



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