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Three years and............poof!

I have acquired the 1999-2001-S clad Statehood quarter sets in PF 69 W Ultra Cameo. An S proof 69 W ?

Apparently NGC gave this "extra" distinction for a white, or whiter, device on the mirrored field. I just bought the last of the 15 coins I needed to complete a Signature set. I did a clad set, and now I see that there are some in silver also.

I added them to my regular Statehood quarter set, but the coins I already had, listed as better. I was hoping that a "W" held an honorable stature such as the "PL". It does not! No points for being a "plus" designation? I guess that is why it only lasted 3 years.

The lowly "W" is gone for good......but not in my set.

If you should see one in silver, just say I am looking for it. It will find a good home among its kind. A unique home for the abandoned "W".




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