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Magazines worth their while?

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World Coins, 12 issues $25.99   Coin World - Weekly News Resources 52 issues $69.99.  Coin World-Monthly 12 issues $24.99.  Thinking about subscribing.  Reviews in Amazon nor really helpful.  Wondering about your thoughts on any of these.  Seems biggest gripe on them all is delivery problems.  Not much on content tho.  Thoughts would be much appreciated.  PS  anyone have the Boys Town Commem in PF70 and MS70 brown label for sale?

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It depends on what you are looking for. Those magazines are all fine. In my opinion Coin World (monthly) is pretty good. It bugs me that they never finish an article without putting the end further back in the magazine. World Coins is ok, it is kind of sparse. I dropped my Coin World (weekly) subscription because it felt like it was just a rehash of what was in the monthly just without the feature articles. If you just want well written articles and don't care about the coin values you can't beat the Numismatist. It does cost more and you have to join the ANA but it has quality articles every month. Of course there are a number of high quality specialized magazines out there. It really just depends on what you are looking for.

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