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Interesting diatribe at the NGC table at the ANA World's Fair of Money



Body bagged and upset

The ANA's "World's Fair of Money" show in Baltimore allowed me to fill some holes in my Morgan dollar collection but I came up empty on my early proof coins. One of my purchases was an 1885-CC GSA Morgan which is a beautiful proof like coin. I think that it is MS-63 PL which would be an upgrade for me, especially given the extra points for the GSA holder. We will see soon enough.

While filling out the paperwork to have it graded at the show, a belligerent eastern European man (Russian? or Ukranian) was picking up a coin (it looked like a bust half but I did not see it entirely) that was walkthrough graded (e.g. same day turnaround) at the show and to his dismay, it was "body bagged" as inappropriately cleaned. He started yelling at the NGC representative (a nice, petite lady with blonde hair that I have seen at many of the shows but her name escapes me) saying that he was ripped off and demanded his money back. After she relayed the bad news and suggested submitting to NCS, he became more irriated. She stated that the money paid was for the professional opinion that the coin was authentic. This made him more upset and he stomped off swearing and overall being quite rude.

I take this is a lesson learned (there have been other similar posts) and that we may disagree with the grade (or no grade) but you do not have to be rude or threatening.



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