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CAC--Is it really necessary?



Probably not going to make too many dealer friends

2008 is one-third of the way over and after the first of the year, I started seeing ads in numismatic publications for coins having the "CAC" sticker on them.

After perusing the CAC website (www.caccoin.com) and from what I read, I am not buying into it. These coins are ALREADY certified and you are going to have a 4th-party grading company verify the grade on the holder? I see it as a ruse for some of the higher-end, larger dealers (some of which that I have purchased coins from) to make some extra money off these "extra-certified" coins. I don't see the need for all of this, since these dealers profess to be "Professional Numismatists." Do they need the extra verification? Is it a ploy to get us to go into their shops to submit coins to CAC? I suppose it could help the neophytes who are buying encapsulated coins in holders other than NGC and PCGS but that is about all I see in the use of this.

Anyone else have any opinions on this?



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