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1955 NGC MS66 RB Double Die Obverse Lincoln Wheat Ear Cent

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NGC has graded 3546 examples of the 1955 Double Die Obverse Lincoln Wheat cent.  Out of those NGC has graded only 2 at MS66.  One example at MS66RD and one example at MS66RB.  Big price difference between the two coins.  I used to own the MS66RB example.  At one time I had all the major double die obverse and reverse Lincoln cents in my collection including a PCGS MS66RD+ 1972 Double Die Obverse Lincoln Cent and an awesome example of a NGC MS67RD example of that same coin that KKM sold me many years ago.  As always, thanks for looking and Happy Collecting 


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Great looking 55DDO. Unfortunately I never had the pleasure of seeing it in hand. I think I did see most of your Memorial set. That was a wonderful set. Is it still intact with the new owner?

Here is your old PCGS MS66+RD 1972 DDO


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