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This is not an error coin. Cents was intentionally left out of the design. As a result people gold plated this nickel and passed it off as a half-eagle and the nickel earned the name "racketeer nickel". Later in 1883 the word cents was added to the nickel to prevent this fraud.

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30 minutes ago, Six Mile Rick said:

There is a variety listed that has a lower 1 stem coming from the base of the first 8 in the date.

Where is that info, Rick?

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The Cherrypickers' Guide

 Comes in a 2 volume set and every U.S. coin hunter should own a set. :)

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Thanks. I sort of figured that was where you found it, since it wasn't on Variety Vista.  I have volume two, that I bought years ago to check my Roosevelts, but I guess I should go ahead and get the first volume as well.  (Probably need to upgrade my 4th edition vol.2 also)

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