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NGC Reults and my take on it

Jade Collection



imageproxy.php?img=&key=31b352271b3a5a4bSo I got my NGC results back............I had been eagerly waiting since May as I wanted to add these coins to my collection. I was positive but also prepared myself that I could be disappointed and to not become bitter. I have talked to some collectors who sent coins to NGC and every coin came back details, these people sent me pictures and I could say that NGC was correct, the coins were cleaned. One particular collector was so upset that he said he would not send to NGC anymore and may send to PCGS instead. I for one am glad for NGCs harsh grading, I don't want a problem coin passed off as a straight graded coin in my collection. We are paying them to give their opinion and I trust them more than my own eyes and they have much more knowledge than myself.

So onto my submission, I sent in 19 old thai coins raw as in general there are not a lot of old thai coins slabbed, some dates have only like 10 or so slabbed!!!.  I went and searched for the best raw examples I could and decided to send them in.

Line 1, happy with, bought it raw from a dealer and felt it was a AU coin. Will stay in my collection
Line 2., happy as this was a nice coin and will stay in my collection
Line 3 I looked at NGC pics, I can see what they are saying possibly about the environmental damage, I'll make note to scrutinze more.
Line 4-7 the pops on these are really low so I was happy 3 got graded! The one that didn't grade I can see why from NGC pics. I'll look at it when it comes back. Very happy to add these 1/16 fuangs to my collection
Line 8 -this one I had a feeling they could details it and bam they did! I wanted it to go through but NGC wasn't gonna do that haha
Line 9-10 ouch and darn! Not even made it.  One of them the surface looked odd and I figured it wouldn't get graded, the second one I didn't notice that.
Line 11 this one I had hope NGC would overlook the scratch and net grade it lower or something. They didn't but its a genuine coin and I'll keep it.
Line 12 happy with this one, thought it would be XF45 to low AU and it got AU53
Line 13: didn't think this copper was that low in grade but I trust NGC, at least it was graded
Line 14 and Line 15: really? man I thought these looked good. I'll take a close look when I get them back
Line 16-Line 18: happy these coppers got graded. I need to study the copper more closely .
Line 19: very happy, sold to me as a AU coin, it got conserved for pvc or something.....came back MS63!!!

So overall 11 coins straight graded and 8 got details holders. Learning lesson here and I am already preparing another batch to get graded!! Next batch will have some more copper......fingers crossed for better luck on the copper!!



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I think you have a good attitude here.  It's one thing to learn to grade raw, and another to learn NGC's standards for grading and the process of learning NGC's standards often means taking some lumps......I know I've definitely had my share since I started submitting to NGC in 2010.  I don't know anything about Thai coins, but I'd say 11 straight grades vs. 8 details is a pretty good first submission, and the details grade coins can serve as great learning pieces to help hone your eye to detecting problems in the future.  I think if you keep buying coins that you think are nice and you keep honing your eye, you'll do quite well going forward.  I've definitely known of far worse first submissions!

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Mohawk is correct --- attitude is GREAT.. We all start off with some lousy submissions till we learn what we are actually doing!! :)

I trust the incandescent light for my grading helper. If you don't have one --- get one and try it out !! You will see what a difference it makes.


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Well I sent an e-mail concerning the delay of my 2-month submission this morning and before the day was over, it's finalized, imaged, and shipped! The Bide-A-Wee medal in my submission came back as cleaned but I agree with that assessment and since the medal is scarce and rarely available, I'm more than happy to live with it.



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I agree with all of the previous comments.  Every  submission is a learning experience and a good attitude is absolutely necessary.

I've been submitting coins to NGC for over ten years now, and a few years back I decided to to track my submissions using a custom set (Coins I have had graded.) .  The coins are listed chronologically by their submission date and I use the "Slot Name" column to indicate my degree of satisfaction with the grade received. The value is an indicator of how well my expectations compared to the sometimes harsh reality of the grading process. If I was perfect in my predictions, then all "Slot Names" would simply be "Satisfied."

The "Slot Name" values range from:

  • Extremely Disappointed - Generally reserved for "Details" grades
  • Very Disappointed - I thought it was much better than it was.
  • Disappointed - I was a little off.
  • Mildly Disappointed - I was hoping for better.
  • Satisfied - Exactly as expected
  • Happy - Slightly better than expected.
  • Very Happy - Much better than expected
  • Extremely Happy - Genuinely surprised that it came out so well.

The grading process is a bit of a cr@pshoot, but I think I've gotten a little bit better over the years at predicting the outcome.  Good luck with your next submission.

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It won't be long and I will jump back in the game as well. It has been a couple years since I had a membership with NGC. Since that time I have saved up around 800 nice U.S. modern coins to choose from for new submissions. This winter should be the perfect time to get back into the grading game for me and my member page sets. I still have many extra sets available on my member page which I use the funds to submit even more coins for the sets that are selling.

Happy Coin Collecting!! :)

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