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Obsessed with status of submission

Jade Collection


Anyone (first time submitter or have submitted before) obsessively check their submission tracking info daily? I find myself daily looking at submission tracking to see what the status is. Mine recently got tracked as received and I find myself checking daily to see the progress! Can't wait to see it go to Schedule for Grading and so on.



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Submitted 37 US Mint medals on March 23 at the Whitman Coin Expo in Baltimore Maryland. Acknowledged "Received" on March 27. Today is the 41st day of submittal (or 27th business day). I check my status in the morning and evening. I know my medals are in good hands at NGC. I know I got them stumped with my submission as I wrote the book on these US Mint medals and offered to send pdf of my two earlier books (no reply so far). In addition, I know of three types of medals in this newly formed medal series have been previously graded/encapsulated. I also request a special label to identify my collection (previous email reply indicated it was ok). I also have a few medals with paperwork showing provenance (unbroken chain of ownership starting with President Eisenhower and ending with me). Google POTUS-SGM to see more related to my discovery, organization, forming, and naming of this series. I also discussed this series at my blog at the American Numismatic Association website.

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@DrDarryl Does your tracking still say "Received"? Mine said received on 4/30 and then today I got a email that say it was "received" again with an updated date of 5/2/18

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16 hours ago, Mk123 said:

@DrDarryl Does your tracking still say "Received"? Mine said received on 4/30 and then today I got a email that say it was "received" again with an updated date of 5/2/18

I did receive a "received" e-mail on 3/27. I also received a NGC email indicating payment was made via my credit card. I failed to mention that my 37 medals are spread across three invoices (each with received status).

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Been there, done that.

The coins I submit are not necessarily rare, but in some cases are the fist coins of their type or variety to be graded by NGC.  By being vigilant, I've been able to avert some problems before the coins are shipped.  For my submissions, the status remains Received for roughly a week.  The dates, country, mint, and variety are verified against the submission before the status changes to Scheduled For Grading.  This is where most of the time is spent, and  I've been able to get a few variety/attribution errors corrected at this stage.  When the status changes to Grading/Quality Control, things start to move pretty fast.  Grading usually takes only one or two days, but if you have multiple submissions that are to all be shipped together, they will stay at this status until all of the submission have been graded.  Once the status changes to Finalized/Imaged/Shipped, you can see the grades and attributions, but you only have until the end of the day to take any action.  The next day will be too late.  I was once able to get a labeling error corrected on the day that the status changed to  Finalized/Imaged/Shipped

Yes, it is obsessive, but sometimes it's worth it.  I hope you get the grades you looking for!

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It sure helps when things go fast. I have a modern world submission that I hand delivered to NGC at the CSNS show last week Thursday that is in grading/quality control today. I also have a submission of 4 medals in the early-bird tier that arrived at NGC on Monday this week but are still only received. Funny, my US modern submission that I hand delivered with the world submission is still scheduled for grading.

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@coin928 Thanks for the info!!! I made another journal as my coins are now "scheduled for grading" and i spotted a error. Contacted NGC via phone and then they told me to email them what was the problem. Hopefully it gets corrected!

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Does anyone know what "moved" means in the Status catagory. I sent in 102 proof pennies and the status reads moved and in the shipped column it says shipped 4/29/20.  What does that even mean??? Thanks for any info you can provide... 

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Horse I've never seen the moved status. Perhaps contact some of the mods here. THey can direct you to customer service

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