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Coin Grading

Entry posted by namvette68 · - 272 views

When you submit coins for grading, it asks MS or PF. There is no PL, RP, SP SRP space.. If we are to go by the old standards, a PL coin is an MS base. An SP coin seems to be both, MS and PF. Now we have reverse proof(RP), and Special reverse Proof (SRP?) Colorized, antiqued, plated, and a host of types that are emerging in almost every Country, and will be here soon.

I started a set to find out that only 1 coin, out of the 10-15 that I sent to be graded, will have a slot in any collection. I see the Palladium coin has an MS PL variety.....hmmmm?

My Canadian Anniversary proofs will be a nightmare. They already are too late for ER pedigree. So much for Express mail and special handling. 

I hope to see a few sets either combined, or actual revised to reflect the actual coins in the set. So far, I am thoroughly confused. 

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