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WOW!!!  I sent in 18 World coins to NGC on April 10th via small flat rate priority mail.  They received it on the 12th.  The 13th of April, the tracker said received and verified.  I checked the tracker and it said scheduled for grading on the 16th of April. The 17th of April it said finalized/shipped.  WHAT THE F!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Can it be??????????  Received it this morning the 24th of April.  Only 7 days to ship here.  Other submissions took 2 weeks or more.  WHAT'S UP WITH THIS??????  Anyone have any thoughts on this miraculous turnaround.  By the way I was very pleased with the grades on this submission.  Of which all my previous submissions have been less than rewarding.  I sent in this submission because I have been waiting for a particular coin to get to complete a set I have been striving to complete for years.  Now it's time to add them to the registry and then later this summer put them up for sale, God willing.  For all you who remember, my health is stable for now which is good I guess.  I am recovering right now from a major surgery that has really drained my gas tank (emotional and physical).  Folks, please try to keep the journals going.  I look everyday and sometimes days/weeks go by and the same last three posted show up.  IT IS DISHEARTENING to see what it has become.  DAMN IT NGC GET YOUR TOGETHER AND PUT IT BACK THE WAY IT WAS OR FIX IT SOMEHOW.  LISTEN TO YOUR MEMBERS.  THEY!!!!!!!!!!! ARE THE ONES WHO MADE YOU.  Don't go the way of Ebay.  Us small sellers made Ebay and now they cowtow to the big internet sellers and national businesses.  Just DON'T go there.  I am Formally known as Eagles-r-It.  And my favorite color is ORANGE.



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What Service Tiers did you submit under?  If you tell us, we may be able to provide some insight into your "miracle submission".  Also, I'm pleased to hear that you're stabilizing as far as your health goes.  I hope things keep going in the right direction for you!

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