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So-Called Dollars

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Axel Ulen


I began collecting So-Called Dollars in the mid 2000's. I was drawn to them because of their unique beauty and further representations of Our Country's historical heritage.

I grew tired of collecting coins with the same faces and changing dates and mint marks and fell for their beauty and uniqueness.

IMHO, Because of the many sections of  So-Called Dollars I found a need to set parameters of my collection. As a Disabled Veteran, my funding status is a red flag; I discounted Monetary  medals as too expensive and realized "Part I, Commemorative and Exhibition Medals of National Significance" represent  an affordable route to satisfy my collecting parameters. Being a Northwest Native, my collection centers in all North Western and Northwestern Expositions, specifically the 1905 Lewis & Clark Expo, the Alaska-Yukon Pacific Expo. and PPIE Expositions. Over the past years, I've devised many schemes to detect and secure rare Medals from the above categories. To this end, I scour all available search modes. 

(As a young coin collector in the early 1960's, I cashed my allowance into various coin rolls from banks and built my collections. Decades later, I use the same drive and determination to fill my So-Called Collection.)

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I too am a DAV and love to collect. My determination and drive far exceeds my income but I have adjusted and am comforted knowing there are others with the same passion. Keep posting so I can watch your progress..............Daniel

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