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RMW Collection of England and Great Britain

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Here is an example of a Queen Anne halfcrown, struck after the Union of Scotland and England. 

I would rate it as a well struck and attractive AU.

1707 halfcrown,.jpg

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Thanks. There may be better pieces out there ( this is stabbed as an MS 61) but it was picked up at a reasonable price.

i don’t think I will bid on the Anne Crown in MS 65 available in the Heritage auction as it is beyond my snack bracket, starting at $20k.

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This coin is a nice alternative to the MS 65. I think you will be happy owning this well struck and attractive coin. I often buy lower MS graded coins when the gems of that coin are in the stratosphere of my budget. No shame, I'm simply happy to be in the game!

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12 hours ago, Kohaku said:

Indeed a nice coin, and I truly appreciate the comments on being happy to "be in the game.


Happy New Year everyone!

Happy New Year to you, Kohaku and to all the readers of these journals!

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I doubt that this piece circulated at all but sloshed around in an old time coin cabinet and developed a bit of cabinet friction at the shoulder and high point to the hair on the obverse . Reverse looks Mint or near so. The piece has some lustre going for it as well

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