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Old Green Rattlers

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Greetings all;   Hey its been awhile since my last journal so figured it was time to share another coin experience.  Just for the hell of it (call it the winter boredom blues) I decided to crack open a couple of PCGS Green Rattlers (Morgans ) I had lying around and send them in and see if they would grade higher than from back in the day.  These weren't major Morgans so I figured I would give em a shot.  I really do not recommend "breaking" out graded coins in hopes of attaining a "better" grade but it more or less was just for curiosity to see if the old adage of the PCGS green.rattler tale was true.  I submitted an 1885 that WAS graded MS64 and it came back MS65.  The other morgan was an 1884 that was graded MS64PL and it came back MS64+.  So maybe a small drop but nothing substantial.  Hope everyone is at least getting thru this winter with their wits about them and looking forward to the arrival of an early spring/  Good hunting in your quest for that next homerun coin.


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In Illinois you actually get something that can be called "Winter." In Texas... I don't know what you call this. "Not Summer," maybe.

Point of curiosity: Did you send them into PCGS again or did you send them to NGC? I guess without it specified I'd assume they'd go back to PCGS but I didn't want to assume. I know the general consensus seems to be that if you take any coin from either service that was graded 20+ years ago and send it in you might get at least one grade higher but I've never been brave enough to test it. Sounds like you did okay though.

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 it was great hearing from you bud!! I would think that many of us have a graded coin or 2 that have the "what if" in our minds of re submission thoughts.Thanks for sharing.

 My winter has been a complete Roosevelt dime blowout season so far. I can't seem to find enough NGC high grade dimes to keep up with the quest. :wink: 

Later Bud ---- Rick

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Send them to NGC . I would of sent them in the old green  Rattler  I have a few there still working great. If i was I wouldn't break them out they have the crossover break it out so no damage to the coin and regrade it.. I have heard horror stories of breaking them out. Play it safe. NGC. I still like mine. The coins have kept there color so I leave them. But the glory of this hobby is as so what we want. What we collext. So go with your felings. I never tell anyone what to do with there coins and never will. Take care and lots of luck. Mike




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