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Owner's Comments posted for Gordian I Alexandrian tetradrachm

Entry posted by Kohaku · - 183 views

Just a quick note to say that I finally finished and posted Owner's Comments for my Alexandrian tetradrachm featuring Roman Emperor Gordian I.


Gordian I was an interesting fellow, one of richest and most learned of all Rome's  Emperors.  Gordian I rose to power in March 238 AD, a year that is infamously known to history as the Year of the Six Emperors.  He was eighty years old when he and his son took on the challenges to rule the Empire as co-Augusti.


Their reign lasted only three weeks.


Here is a link to the coin, you can read my Owners Comments and reflect upon Gordian I's rather apprehensive obverse portrayal on this coin...



And here is a link to the the larger Roman Empire collection...









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