Awesome Gem Belgian Congo Error

Scott A


Who needs an extra hole?

1888 1 Centime Double Hole Punch Error PCGS MS66RB. A tremendously cool error in top notch grade.

Likely a unique error. It does show that the holes were punched after the coins were struck.

This is a magnificent treasure that will now grace my Belgian Congo collection, where it will find good company with other rarities and gems.


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5 minutes ago, Scott A said:

This coin is now crossed over to an NGC holder in the same grade.

Hopefully you informed PCGS.

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That's a great looking error :bump:  Scott .....I'm a bit green with envy :sick:.....Is there a story behind it ....Like how you found it....Sure would love to read about it...:bigsmile::bigsmile::bigsmile:     Congrats on your new addition Love it .

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