Adventures of Ike Volume 2



More adventures of Ike!

Well had a few good adventures this month.

First we heading to the Chiricahua mountains in south east Arizona. We stayed in Rucker canyon. Very nice area with tons of wildlife. Saw deer, turkeys, snakes, lizards, skunks. The skunk was bad. It hit one of our friends dog. That was bad.

Then we took our yearly trip to Annies orchard in Wilcoxs Az. Mostly known for their apple pies but they also have another large area of produce you can pick yourself and during this time of year we picked pumpkins. Always a good time.

On the way out to Wilcoxs there is a road side attraction called "The Thing". I wont tell you what it is but if your in the area pay the $1 and go check it out. Once you leave the building and head towards the thing they have alot of random funny things until you get to the thing. Like a wood carving made of solid Also this German car used by Hitler although it cant be proved.

Lastly is Halloween night........Kid let me have the king size snickers bar....oh yeah.


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