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The Hunt For Gold October

Today, the adult ice cream truck arrived. Very late too. Tomorrow I am heading to Chicago for a wedding, and was waiting with a dripping mouth for my 1990 $25 MS70. The truck was supposed to be here before 4:30 and by almost 6:40 it was still not here. So, on the way out of my neighborhood, there came the brown van, with a harried looking driver. I blinked my lights and waved frantically, as I knew the coin was on the truck.

Well, he was in a big hurry and there in the middle of the road, I signed for it, and he passed it through my window as neither of us alighted from our trucks.

I traded three 1988 $50 MS70 Gold Eagles and one 1988 $25 MS70 for the 1990. I usta have five of them, but a dealer talked me out of two of them last January at the F.U.N show in Orlando. That left me only three, and I thought I was pretty smart accumulating those. At the same show,a good contact of mine, wanted them very badly, but had bought all my 1997 Platinum Eagles and had no money left.

I told the fellow I would hold them, and he never got back to me, so out went two the next day to the fellow I bought one from the previous day. I had bought three of them for $5000 each, and the other two, one from the dealer, for $3,750.00. He talked me out of two of them for $4850 each leaving me only three which I traded for the 1990 mentioned above, plus a 1988 $25 and I got the 1990 and a check for $1500.00.

I figure I got the better end of the transaction as the 1990 books for over $21,000.00 and $1500.00.

My collection has been down a weird path in the last year or so. From over 600 graded coins, boxes of raw coins of all kinds and countries to 70 coins now presently residing in my registry.

I still have a few oddities waiting in the adoption room for a new owner, and some not very valuable, so, I doubt that I will be increasing my points or total value very much until I find a new trade to make.

After I finish this journal, I will update my registry. I have about 20 or so coins to delete as they got traded away recently.

I am leaving to go, as I said, to the wedding in Chicago tomorrow, but am taking a few coins with me for trading along the way and a few folding papers.

I am looking for east coast mints in the likes of Bechtler, Charlotte, and Dahlonega. My quest was cut short last time with my lovely wife getting sick, but this time we are ready.

Trading coins, has become the main thrust of my dealings in trying to up my actual total rarity of my collection.

I have gone WAY down in numbers. Meaning, my standing in the registry points from a place under 200, to my present level of the 4000 shelf.

I am told, that the reason is, that a lot of my coins have not been through the auctions recently or at all. For instance, the one I just acquired for which this journal is regarding, apparently has not been through ANY auction that I can find.

This action gives my coins a {no price} and or {no points}, and the registry seems to be greatly affected. I was hoping to have a meeting with NGC to see if I can rectify that and get a real idea of where my collection stands.

Also, I have many PCGS coins, which are quite rare, and I am forced to go with that grader too. I am thinking, those coins may not get a full point level. No matter.

It is the rarity I am after, not necessarily, to go with one grader or the other.

The 1907 PF68 with star, $2.5 has not been to auction, it is a top population and none better. The population figure shows 4, but where are they, number one, and two, I know that Kupersmith had the coin graded more than once. If you EVER want to get a coin regraded, PLEASE, inform NGC or whomever is doing the grading, that you cracked it out, or let them do it is better. At least, send pictures of the old holder and so on. But the ONLY way the record keepers can be sure, is for you to send the coin in IN its holder, and don't crack it out yourself. Besides, you could damage the coin and the grade.

So, off we go again, wish me luck in my Hunt For Gold October.

Capt. Brian


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