Adventures of Ike Volume 1



Adventures of Ike...My pocket piece.

Well last month I thought I would start a new journal. ADVENTURES OF IKE!!!!!!! Who is Ike? Well Ike is my 1971 Silver proof Ike dollar. Yes I busted him out of a brown box.....OH NO!!!! I carry it almost everywhere I go so I thought why not document his journey.

First adventure was camping/Deer/Dove hunting weekend. After our son crashed out for the night My wife, Ike and I sat around the fire drinking and laughing. Good times.

Then at the recent local Reptile show we picked up a red bearded dragon. I was .99 cents short and all I had left was Ike in my pocket......."Do I dare use Ike to finish paying for a Dragon?" lol heck no. Dealer was nice enough to cover the .99 cents so I wouldn't have to spend $4 getting money out of ATM.

Lastly Ike and I sat through our yearly TSA training program. Talk about a bore. We had fun until the sound of Ike wobbling on the table echoed throughout the room........ooops.

Sadly that was all the note worthy adventures this month. We had a lot more planned but son got sick twice and had to cover for co workers. Oh well.

What adventures has your pocket piece been on?

Until next month.....



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