Trade ins make great upgrades



Presto Change-O

Traded away my 1990 $50 GAE for a 1989 G$25 and I got $1900 to boot. I feel I got the better end of the stick as I had no place for my 1990 $50, and the 1989 was looking good in the auctions and price guide. I need some trading material so I actually just traded up again.

I have been trading up now for over a year, and with very careful trading I have built to my current collection.

My number of coins owned have dropped precipitously from over 600 coins to now only about 96 items and some of those are spoken for.

Recently, I branched out to currency, and have bought and sold my first one. I switched out a 1928 F USA $5 note and made $15 towards my next purchase, which was an entire portfolio of modern, lower grader stuff, but it is a start towards a new direction.

I got district sets, oddities, Directors of the Mint signature sets, and so on. I will be doing a journal on them when I sort them out. That will be posted on the notes section of NGCs pages. I have no idea what I am doing yet, but I know I got a fair deal on the portfolio.


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