The 1956 Denver Fullstep Jefferson

James G. Berline


It took me years searching for this fullstep nickel.

Like most Jefferson nickels in the 1950s finding one with complete fullsteps

is very challenging,regardless of grade.My MS67 is a beauty in itself finding

one in MS-66FS is the ultimate for me.

In reference to David Bowers he mentioned that throughout the annals of

the five cent piece,the Denver Mint has earned the lowest marks for

quality of its coins.Finding any that show full details will be very challenging to find.

I believe the Red Book of Buffalo and Jefferson nickels by Q.David Bowers

would be an exceptional starting point for beginning collectors in which I have

read many times over.

Collecting in this series has been a wonderful journey for me and I hope new collectors starting out will also enjoy it as much as I have.

AS OF AUG 2015


GRADED 449 with (6) where (5) in MS66-FS - none higher in FS .


GRADED 854 with (39) where (8) in MS66-FS - none higher in FS .


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