While Wife in Hospital, I got triplets




While my lovely wife Helen was suffering in the ICU for 7 days, I had to commute from my sons home in Lake Royal to Tarboro. N.C. one of the days I spotted an ad for a coin show along route 64.

Having a few minutes before expected closing of the show I zipped off the next exit and hit the windows phone looking for COIN SHOWS NEAR ME. Well, Lo, I got one. I made a call suggested by the phone and got a local dealer who was at a show in Washington DC. which was not far away. He suggested I look at the American Legion post which is where the shows were traditionally held.

So, I zipped up to only two turns to the suspected street and only a mile up the road I spotted the two flags.

I pulled in and the garb of the folks there was definitely NOT for a coin show. It was a wedding. Well, my questioning gaze quickly saw the other building across the road which was where the coin show was.

So in there I found few things I was looking for. One of them was the set of Lincoln cents.

I liked them because so many of the coins had been used in circulation, coin collecting during the war years took a major hit and I felt lucky to find these. They are not rare nor expensive but make a great spot in my collection. I guess I am in love with anything a bit different, rare or hard to find.

Enjoy the picture, its the best I can do at this time.

Lincoln cents 1943, steel, and MS66. PCGS and one from each mint that made them. S D and P.

Have fun. I am, now that my wife is okay. We are both still recovering. I slept 14 hours straight after a harrowing trip down I-95 slogging through the tropical storm conditions almost every mile.

Happy collecting and traveling. I'm off the road now for a while. In August we are off on a cruise. My gift to wifey after her tribulation.

I found a few other items I will expose later.

Capt. Brian


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