Sold My Entire Collection too Pursue a Dream

hunter's gold


Yes, $2.00 in Lincoln cents made it happen

Hi Everyone. Well, this may come as a shock to a lot of people but this past week I sold off my entire Lincoln cent collection too pursue a dream. $2.00 worth of Lincoln cents is basically what my collection consisted of. The MS66RB 1955 DDO was just one of the many highlights that use to be mine. I also had all the modern major doubled die obverse and reverse Lincoln cents in top grade. i had been wanting a piece of land for most of my life where I could go a relax and enjoy life with family and friends. With grown children and now 3 grandsons it is a place that we all can go enjoy. The coins would of been passed on too my kids if I had died and would of been sold by Heritage Auction. Recently a piece of land in north Florida surrounded by 1000s and 1000s of acres of private timber land became available for sale that a couple had had for a very long time that they put their heart and soul into. They are up in age now and it had become too much for them. It has the creature comforts of home in the middle of some amazing wilderness. We have trail cameras up and we have whitetail deer, wild hogs, eastern turkeys and Florida black bears, alligators, coyotes and all the other wildlife you would expect and yes we can hunt during legal season. The night skies are awe inspiring and the sunrises are gorgeous. i want too take a moment and thank everyone on here that has followed me and encouraged me during this collecting journey. Some really amazing people on here and I am blessed too have met some of you in person and too call you my friend. My local coin store arranged the sale of my collection for me and I can say that the owner had always been a top notch dealer and collector and he had a serious buyer come in and made a deal. The buyer really was impressed with my 1959-Date business strike Lincoln set which has been ranked #1 for several years now and also the fact that I had a #1 set in all the modern business strike registry sets that the coins would fit into. It has been a great ride and I have really enjoyed it. The coins listed will vanish soon as I remove them from my collection. I am going too leave you with a totally different picture here at the end. I mentioned the wild hogs that are on the land. This is a lower tusk from one. It measures 10 inches from end too end. Time too enjoy myself with some pork BBQ Thanks everyone and always thanks for looking and Happy Collecting


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