1952 San Francisco Fullstep Nickel

James G. Berline


I came across an wanted to show you this 1952-S Jefferson w/steps.

There I go the bug is still alive in me and doing fine.I knew this 1952-S Jefferson was a semi-key,due to the fact thatmost were so weakly struck in the center explaining why fullstepsare so elusive and hard to find in the first place.Searching for any in MS66-FS,the premium would be extremely spendy. Ebay has two sellers wanting 6 to 8 K in MS66-FS. I am settling for this on it was alot easier on the pocketbook and it looks just as good.If you do happen to come across one no doubt its value will climbwith it. Good Luck to those in search for one. The following shows you just how scarce these fullsteps are.As of April 2015NGC AND PCGS COMBINED NGC 582/FS 17 PCGS 959/FS 9516554.thumb.jpg.2f8868f2218f8e87d0b6fc2e718a71c4.jpgTo see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.



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