Question everything?

This is a journal to continue a thread after the previous journal by hightidetech posted 3/19/15 titled, Digital Imaging for a new generation of numismatists....

I replyed:

A grade by any other name:

I use that old saying regarding a rose as a reality check for our graded coins. One can alway hire a lawyer and plead a case and convince a jury of peers that a rose is a peach blossom or some other flower, but in reality it is still a rose.

If the accepted graders say a coin is a perfect coin, giving it a PF or MS 70, then why cannnot we let it go at that?

Over the years, technology has gone by us daily. As soon as I buy a computer, it is obsolete. When a highway is planned, before it is finished, it is not big enough or the turns are not banked enough and so on and so forth.

I am not sure how many coins have been graded by NGC and PCGS, not to mention the 2nd graders and now the labelers, but they must number in the millions. I would not say a trillion yet.

So, now we have maybe an astronomical number of coins already in slabs and NO ONE can grade a coin through a quarter inch of plastic.

There are only two alternatives left. Cut out ALL graded coins, bring them all to raw status, and begin to regrade them again with an electron microscope, (which would show more flaws than a hung jury in the south in the 50s.) and therefore NO coin could be ever again called a perfecet coin.

I have two coins shows coming up this week, therefore I do not have time to make a complete thought, but you get my drift.

Let us let it alone, lest we open a Pandoras box and ruin a great hobby.

AND ADD: This technilogical world is a tidy place. The digital age allows many things. Especially TV shows which drag out our realities into some sort of matrix controlled world of a new reality. This smacks of MYTHBUSTERS t-shirt, I reject your reality and insert my own.

What I mean is, these 2nd party graders, the labelers, and folks who want more verification than offered by NGC and PCGS are muddying the water so that our wonderful hobby will be ruined if us collectors, traders and numismatists allow the incursions into our world by these profit motivated monsters of the midway.

So, my suggestion is for you coiners to tell all friends and dealers your opinion. Try to let the majority rule and then reality will seep in. If the lablers and third party graders are wanted, they will survive. If the majority does not want them, then us collectors will eventually win out and they will fade away. I do not know anyone who has paid more for a CAC, or PQ or MAC. Personnally, I do not mind a Big Mac, but I do not want one smeared on my $100,000 coin.

Capt. Brian,

The Lost Navigator


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