New Scores for my Symphony Set

Lastufka Collection


Pun intended.

Back in 2012 my custom Symphony Set won NGC's Most Creative award. Thanks NGC! The Symphony Set is a collection of world and US coins and tokens that include musical elements or themes, from composers to instruments to sheet music.

I haven't added to it in three years as I was away from coins while moving across the country and selling my business. But now that I'm back I have added a number of new coins to the Symphony Set, and I re-imaged the entire set last week.

So I thought I'd share the latest newp.

It's a 1788 halfpenny. The edges are scalloped (which looks really cool), and it's silvered (from what I've been told that means it's a copper core sandwiched between two thin sheets of silver before being minted). The pressure from the minting process causes the shadowing seen on the lettering around the obverse and reverse. The reverse makes the coin relevant for my set as it features a horn, a stringed instrument, and a music score.

It's a lot of eye candy for such an old token. I love it. It's pictured below along with a preview of the re-imaged Symphony Set. Check out my custom sets area to view the full-res Symphony Set images (a few coins are missing description, but those are coming soon, research is a challenge on these scarcer tokens).


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