This VDB came home after a few years...

Lastufka Collection


I purchased this coin in 2012, paying a bit of a premium over other 1909 VDBs at the time, but I believe it to be a premium coin.

A year later I began selling some of my collection as an unexpected move across the country and a new home purchase needed financing. When my friend Brandon (brg5658) heard I was listing some of my coins, he immediately made me an offer for this VDB, as he had seen it in hand to photograph it and had complimented the coin on a few occasions.

I sold it to him at the price I paid, and we were both happy.

But man, over the years, I really started to miss this piece. Now that things have settled down from the move and house purchase, I hit the ground running on a high grade type set this year. When Brandon and I reconnected, he offered to sell this VDB back to me, on the condition that if I ever need to liquidate again, he gets first right of offer on the coin. Fair enough!

So now this beauty is back home in my collection and I'll just shut up and let you take a look at it. A more historical description of the 1909 VDB Lincoln cent is available in my custom type set, linked in my signature below...


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