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Unlisted So Called Dollar Variety: HK-723 "Star without Rays" ...Souvenir of Honolulu



Undocumented variety in So-Called Dollars by Hibler and Kappen.

It has been a while since I posted a journal entry.

I finally purchased a HK-723 "star without rays" variety. This variety is unlisted in So-Called Dollars by Hibler and Kappen.

However, its listed in Hawaiian Money Standard Catalog. 2M-393 is the "star without rays" variety and 2M-394 is the "star with rays".

The "with rays" and "without rays" are not minor varieties. There is one more difference.

The "star with rays" weighs 29 grams. The "star without rays" weighs 23 grams. This indicates different planchets were used. This weight/planchet anomaly is also described in Medcalf & Russell.

I added my "without rays" specimen to my custom set (Undated Hawaii So Called Dollar Type Set).


short url is http://goo.gl/zZMWd8

I also contacted Hibler and Kappen urging its listing as a new listing/discovery for their book.

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