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Really Collectors Society?

Abuelo's Collection


Really? Really?

Recently I got one of the most incredible coins, one that I have been chasing for years. Top of the pop by PCGS! However, oh my, the Collectors Society does not allow PCGS graded coins in the World Competitive sets... While I do not collect coins to put in the sets, well I felt cheated by the Society. This is a coin worth thousands of point and believe me, I am not about to spend 100 just to change holder to NGC (after adding S&H both ways + grading, etc). While normally I submit my coins to NGC I found this rule to be unfair against the collector. Other than greediness on the part of NGC I see no other reason to deny a PCGS coin in the sets. They do allow them on US sets; I see no reason for the exclusion from World sets. I doubt that this is because anyone thinks that PCGS grading is sub-standard or a similar reason. I hope the Collectors Society will re-think this rule that only annoys people. Unless of course they have a good and valid reason, and that one, I am dying to hear...

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