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How to Identify the Welt (die blemish) on Early Issues of The Hawaiian Mint



Within the book Hawaiian Money, 2nd Edition, by Medcalf & Russell (book listed in NGC US Coin Reference, American Overseas Territories), a series of private mint issues from The Hawaiian Mint (THM), aka Royal Hawaiian Mint (RHM), are cataloged.

Several of the original issues are not listed as per the official RHM database (it's a spreadsheet provided by the RHM documenting its issues, mintages, and specialized notes). This spreadsheet is titled Waifs in Gold Boots which was produced by the RHM and was made available to the public at their website. Unfortunately, the RHM removed it years ago. Several advance Hawaii collectors have been sharing the original Waifs in Gold Boots spreadsheet.  Knowledge is power in collectables.   I have been refreshing/updating a personal copy and calling it Waifs in Gold Boots Rev A. (don't ask, I will not share it).

However, I made an educational video to share how to identify the Type 1 - small blemish (as defined in Hawaiian Money, 2nd Edition) issues.    Waifs in Gold Boots calls the blemish a "welt". The following video shows the "welt". The medal shown is unlisted in Hawaiian Money, 2nd Edition. The medal obverse is 2MB-1 and reverse is 2MB-5 (using the Hawaiian Money, 2nd Edition identifiers). The medal is listed in Waifs in Gold Boots. As an interesting note, the "Earth Symbols" reverse design (2MB-5) is partially used on the infamous 1998 NORFED Dollar (image shown in this journal entry).





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