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Calling all Irish coin collectors!

Looking over the NGC registry awards this year, I realized that I had overlooked a valuable platform to share my numismatic journey, the journals. This year I intend to change that by sharing my collecting journey throughout the year. Each month I will do my best to share either a new addition to the collection, grading results from NGC, or any tidbits of numismatic knowledge I acquire.  With that said, this is my first journal entry since 2013! In this installment, I would like to share th

It has arrived!

The last few weeks have been very busy. Perhaps this is why I was so surprised to find a package from NGC in my mailbox today. I was so excited that I did not make it to the front door before I had the package ripped open and the coin in hand. Usually, I make an effort not to open coin-related mail outside, but my excitement got the best of me. On any note, I received an 1881 S Morgan Dollar graded MS-64 with the notation of “2020 NGC Registry Award Winner” on the label. This is the only si

Old habits die hard!

When I first started collecting coins, I purchased whatever caught my attention with little to no discipline. As I matured, I found myself focused on EAC and early U.S. type coins. Eventually, I abandoned those areas of focus and shifted my attention to world coins. More specifically, almost all of my collecting efforts are focused on English and Irish copper, emphasizing the Soho coinage. Perhaps it is this intense focus that makes my newest purchase so odd. It is not copper, it not Englis

The collecting bug strikes again!

I have found over the years that coin collectors often collect other things. Some pursue items unrelated to their numismatic interests, while others pursue tangentially related items. In my case, my side collections fall more in line with the latter rather than the former. Often this takes shape in the form of numismatic references published in the mid to late 18th century, with the occasional spattering dating back to the 17th century. These books often make for nice shelf decoration with their

Numismatics and social media platforms

I enjoy a good book just as much as anyone else, but my wife is nothing short of a bookworm. Her happy place is resting in her “egg-chair” with a good book and a warm cup of coffee, while our oversized cocker spaniel spreads out on her lap. Recently she started a “bookstagram” where she shares her thoughts about recent reads and takes book suggestions from followers. She seems to enjoy interacting with fellow bookworms, teachers, and at times authors. As any husband should, I provided support, e

A new addition!

The world coin market seems to be on fire so far in 2021! Even the relatively common certified pieces that I collect are fetching 3-4 times what similar pieces brought just a year ago. I may be spoiled, but it seems ridiculous to pay such a steep price hike for relatively common coins, and as such, I have been making fewer purchases. This is not all bad, as it has allowed me to focus my attention on acquiring high-quality or unique pieces that would have otherwise been more financially difficult

A few new additions to the collection!

Odd looking PCGS holders. Over the past week and a half I have had the opportunity to add a few nice certified coins to my collection without my budget taking too big of a hit. I have gathered a total of 8 more certified Coins, and a total of 4 raw coins. I would add more pictures but I think it might to a bit overkill. I have added a picture of a 1938 D Buffalo nickel graded MS-65 in an old PCGS rattler. My question for this coin is if you guys think it is worth the time and effort to send it



The never ending expansion!

So much to collect! I have been collecting now for roughly 13 years but I have only been collecting seriously for about 6 or so years. I have a large amount on quality coins that need to be certified to help preserve them, and make it possible to better share my collection with others but it seems that every time I set aside the coins that are next for submission I get sidetracked by another coin and there goes my submission budget! I was wondering if this is a common occurrence with some of t



New to the collectors society.

I just recently joined the NGC collector's society, and I just wanted to take the time to make an attempt to get know some of the fellow members Hi all, I just recently joined the NGC collector's society, and I just wanted to take the time to make an attempt to get know some of the fellow members. I'm currently home from college for the summer and I wanted to continue my research on American coins, and figured that the resources that the society has to offer would take my collecting experien



Next submission and a new membership

ANA membership/ summer seminar and late 1930s proof coins. I finally broke down and joined the ANA today, and I hope to attend the summer seminar in Colorado this summer! If all things go well both finically and health wise I should get the opportunity, does anyone have any interesting stories about the seminar or any tidbits of information? I planned to submit the coins below at a much earlier date, however a few issues aroused and I was unable to send them in but since then I have had the ti



My first exposure to the Newcomb book......now I'm hooked!

Great fun. As some of you may know I'm currently a student at North Carolina State University (NCSU), one of the many great benefits of being at student at state is the resources available to me. One of the most useful resources on campus that I have found is the library, surprisingly enough we have a fairly good selection of books relating to numismatics! Despite the good selection of books there are no books relating specifically to large cents, however the university has a program that allo