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'New' Sets Arrive Today

Great surprise!!! I received a couple sets in the mail today and was really excited to go thru them. 1976 U.S. Proof Set (with Variety 2, Thin Reverse Letters Ike dollar) 1972 U.S. Uncirculated Set 1974 U.S. Uncirculated Set 1975 U.S. Uncirculated Set (with Variety 1, Bold Reverse Letters Ike Dollar) and beautiful tones on numerous coins. 1976 U.S. Uncirculated Set (with Variety 2, Thin Reverse Letter Ike dollar) 1978 U.S. Uncirculated Set To see old comments for this Journal

Price of Proof Sets Versus Individual Coins

What gives? I have started to focus my collection on obtaining a proof and mint set from each year. When I receive a set, I add the set and then individual coins from that set into my database. I was going thru the 65th Edition Red Book to see what the 'going prices' were and was somewhat confused on the pricing. 1966 Special Mint Set: $8.00 1966 Kennedy Half Dollar MS63: $7.00 1966 Washington Quarter MS63: $1.00 1966 Roosevelt Dime MS65: $1.25 1966 Jefferson Nickel MS63: $0.25 196

Welcome to the American Numismatic Association

Finally... a member! I dug thru the couch coushins and found enough change (haha) to get a membership with the American Numismatic Association. What am I going to do with my membership? I don't know. I don't have time to travel so I can't go to conventions or meetings. Maybe I'll use it to better educate myself. The only thing that urks me is my membership runs from 08/26/2011 (today - the day I purchased my membership) and ends on 07/31/2012. What?!?!?! I lost a month on my 12-month membe

My Personal Numismatic Page

What if I am out and about and happen to come across some coins for sale? I use Liberty Street's Coin Manage software to keep track of my coins when I am at home or with my laptop. But what if I am out and about and happen to come across some coins for sale? Well, I've created some space on my personal server to keep track of my coins so I have access 24/7 via any computer or my phone. http://www.jeremyabbott.com/numismatic To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comm

Lincoln Memorial 1959-Date Album Almost Complete

Littleton Coin Album almost complete... My Littleton Coin Company 1959-Date coin album arrived today (which has spots for all the coins in this series). Below are the coins that I need to complete this circulated set. 1959 1959-D 1960 [small Date] 1960-D [Large Date] 1962 1963 1968 1968-S 1969 1969-S 1970-S [small Date] 1970-S [Large Date] 1971-S 1972-S 1973-S 1974-S 1982 [Large Date / Copper

Jefferson Nickels 1938-Date

Trying to fill the Littleton Coin Nickel Albums (Volume 1 1938-1975; Volume 2 1976-2006; Volume 3 2007-Date). While I am working on collecting my Lincoln Memorial cent collection, I decided to also work on my nickel collection. My goal right now is to obtain one coin of each mint for each year. After going thru all of my change at the house and a couple rolls from the bank, I ended up finding a lot of the D and P coins for the collection. Checklist: http://www.jeremyabbott.com/attachments/