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World Coin News 12 issues $25.99, Coin World - Weekly News Resourse 52 issues $69.99, Coin World 12 issues $24.99.  Three publications.  I am wondering which is the better of the three to subscribe to.  They all have strengths from what I can get from the few reviews listed for them on Amazon.  As well as some grips for issues delivered on time or at all.  I currently subscribe to Numismatic News for many years and issues delivered is always a problem I think because they are sent via dead last shipping.  I however hate online subscriptions, because after a day on the computer, the last thing I want to do when I sit in my favorite chair in the evening to relax is grab the tablet to read a magazine.  Nothing is better than picking up an actual piece of journalism during a commercial when watching the tube and reading an article.  I can put it down and pick it up again at the next commercial.  Any who, thoughts on the three publications would be appreciated.  As always, thanks.  PS  Anyone have the PF and MS70 of the Boys Town in brown label for sale?

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2011 25th Anniv. set

Cannot enter I just received my Anniversary sets certified by NGC. I cannot however enter my PF70/MS70 coins in My Collection. I have no trouble at all for the 69s. Entered the #s numerous times, but no go. Of course NGC is closed for the holiday and to late to call who I got them from. Any suggestions folks? To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.


key aquirement Hello fellow NGCer's. Call me lucky or maybe I was due for something good to happen. I got confirmation on a ms69/pf69 25th anniv. ngc certified set, and at a shockingly good price. But that's not all, they through in a ms70/pf70 set as well but at regular price. This will help tremendously toward my goal of achieving a complete set of ms69 and ms70 holders with the different labels. I know many of you scoff at me for this, but 10 or 15 yrs from now maybe my handing this do


DON'T LET IT BE YOU Well it finally happened. I had a order from the US Mint coming and I checked the tracker and it showed "delivered". That's fine except for one thing. My regular mail was there and NO package. Got with the Post Office and the carrier insists he put a package in my mailbox at the time noted on the tracker. Got with FedEx as it was shipped Smart post, but nothing I could do, neither one of them seemed interested in helping. Contacted the US Mint and they said I had to f


25th Anniversary sets Has anyone been following the turmoil on Ebay with the 25th sets? It's remarkable. How about one company who put up a full ms69 and ms70 set, when lots of people signed up to be notified when they were going on sale. This is what I have heard anyway. What do you all think? I suppose most don't give a rats a__ about it. Thanks for listening To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.


Rick, Brent, you are ineligible to guess. This is a pic of a set that I just recently sent in for grading. It has been in my closet for about 3 1/2 yrs. Could it be a sister set? To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.


Confused to say the least Just when I thought I was within sight of accomplishing my goal of collecting a complete set of 2011 Silver Eagle holders with different labels and different eagles in ms70, I find out that the Mint is issuing 3 labels for coins from the 5 coins anniversary set. This means if I understand it right and the kind lady at NGC explains it there are three coins, the "W" "S" and "bullion" coin to get the pedigreed label. Thats fine, except they can also come with the earl


Hello friends,  I am letting you all know I have changed my Public name.  It was Eagles-R-it, but now it is RMK-Collectibles.  I did this to better reflect my hobbies and buying habits.  I am kind of a accumulator of lots of things, not just Silver Eagles.  So all my friends here at NGC especially Rick, Brent, Keith, Glenn, Troy, and Dan I hope you continue to follow me as I will still follow you all and more.  By the way, where can I find the follow/following part since the change.  Anyway hope




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GOOD, BAD OR INDIFFERENT? Has anyone sent back coins for regarding that they just plain felt the coins were better than what was given them? How was your experience? If two graders look at each and every coin that is graded and encapsulated, has any been re-graded down or up, depending on what the second grader felt? If so, how would one know, or are they looked at so fast, they are just signed off that that is what the grade is? If you have them re-graded, and they come back the same as y


I AM BESIDE MYSELF. I sent some coins in to be conserved and graded, and of course no one is ever happy. But I believe that one was damaged while in others hands. It came back as a PF68. Now no one ever sends in coins that they feel will not get a PF70 when you are dealing with modern day commemoratives. Because of the expense of acquiring the coins then 30 plus each for grading etc. One looks them over very skeptically before sending them in to be assured as best as they can they get the

2011 Silver Eagle MS70 complete set

Almost there Hi, my first entry. I am collecting MS70 2011 Eagles. I think I have a complete set as it stands now with what I can find out in the market. The hardest one was the Eagle BRN/Gold label, and the ALS non-early release. I will get them listed and pictures added as soon as I figure out how to do this stuff. I am a computer newbie also. As I figure there are 12 different MS70 Silver Eagle holders in NGC right now. I also have nearly all the PCGS 2011's. Someone help me out on


The US Mint. It would be good if the Mint did offer insurance and a signature to it's buyers, but the thresh hold is $300 I think. Thanks as usual to everyone who replied to my Thieves are out there post. Lots of good feedback Like I said, I ordered a mailbox alarm, it is on it's way, I'll let everyone know my opinion of it when I get it installed. That is unless it gets ripped off. Thanks everyone, for everything. Thanks Rick, To see old comments for this Journal entry, click he

Pics uploaded

Complete 2011 MS69 Silver Eagles label set? I have 13 different holder labels for th ms69 2011 silver eagle now collected. Will the burnished be allowed in this category? I hope so, cuz I am ready to upload them. Also if I have omitted a ms69 for the 2011 silver eagle let me know and I will definetly seek it out. Also check out the Struck at West Point Mint with the brown label. I cannot find a MS70 like it. Was told this is a "unique" label. What are your thoughts? Also cannot find th


Two things on my top ten list is tour the US Mint, and attend a large coin show.  The Denver ANA show fit the criteria for a trip like this to get two of my top tens done.  We made reservations and purchased airfare tickets in early April.  The days went by and two days before our trip I decided to check the Mint website again for info on the tours.  To my shock all tours were cancelled during the week of the ANA show.  This was not the case when we decided on the trip.  Oh well disappointed but




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HAPPY HOLIDAYS Congrates to KAMAKAZY on your set. Yes I am jealous, And I am listening to my ears buzzing now Seth. To cheer you all up there is a Christmas set of labels out now, so HO HO HO! There is the snowman and then the Christmas tree, next I don't know yet. But I won't be Scrooge and spoil it and say the brown labeled set is worth less. I think it is worth more down the road. I wish I could have got it I think it is terrific. Oh yes! I go by Eagles-R-it, not Eagles -R-fun, bu


BUYERS PREMIUM?? Where does this buyers premium come from? Here, in the upper Midwest when there is an auction, doesn't matter what kind, such as farm, business, estate whatever. The seller, yes the seller pays. It is a percentage of the total sale. Now it's between 7 and 10%. There is no fee to get a bidding number or anything like that. So is this buyers fees for buying something a reward for good bidding? Or is it a punishment to the seller for not getting their fair share? I don't


ANXIOUS I just found out the reverse proof buffalo my wife and I ordered from the mint was shipped. We are looking forward to getting it. It looks like there will be close to 50,000 of them cuz yesterdays close was over 42K. Anyway this is a first for us so we will see. I bet it is nicer looking than all our nickels. Will pop a pic when I get it. To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.

Too many sets

Dealers/brokers? I suppose I am the only guy in the universe who doesn't know the answere to this. Did the Mint produce extra coins for the brokers, dealers/mints who are big internet sellers? Buy this I mean besides the 100,000 for sale to the public. Could they have gotten rolls upon rolls of these coins just for the purpose of a tremendous price cascade? Its seems that everyone said get a set if you can cuz there won't be any left. Just look at Ebay and the on-line folks how many ther

Some info please

Anyone done business with World-Numismatics?  Looking at some of their coins and wondering how they are.  Do they ship fast?  Have quality products, trustworthy.  Returns hassle free?  Just some info on them if anyone has bought from them in the past.  I believe they are in England, because they list everything in pounds for prices.  That is no big deal though.  As always Thank you everyone.




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Oh well

Appreciator of coins No I am not offended. When I can buy a NGC ms69 2011 silver eagle on a Monday and sell it for 2 1/2 times what I paid for it the next week to help fund my goal, that is not true collecting I guess. I look at my endeavor like when I was small and had all the blue trifold books to collect pennies nickels dimes etc, when you found one you were excited, no different here. Actually when I do finally accomplish my task and I have maybe 8 to 12 labels that are rare or hard to


ENHANCED PROOF LIKE?? I just looked at my invoice for my Kennedy 4 coin sets that I sent in. The enhanced coins are SP70 PL. I couldn't guess what that is. Proof Like on an enhanced? Oh and Rick the 68 is "P" mint mark. To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.


BROWN LABEL CIVAL RIGHTS RARE? Hi, everyone. Read with great interest W.K.F.s post about the different third party certifiers. Bravo to saying what he did about the TV guy. If I sold all my collection for what he is getting, I might be upper middle class. SERIOUSLY! I collect the Modern Commemoratives, and so far through out the years I have been getting the NGC Brown label. Trying to keep it uniform I guess. Usually I send some in for grading, but this time for the 2014 Civil Rights on


LINCOLN CENT To all the Lincoln cent people out there. I just started to dabble in the buy a few rolls of pennies to see what would happen. WHAT A SURPRISE. I bought 10 rolls from my unfriendly bank, they really did not want to sell me the rolls, but the big wig over rode them. Anyway here is what I am getting at, It seems like anything new is junk. Green, crusty, very very poorly struck, and quite frankly a big disappointment. Of course it seems only the 2000 and up is the worst. I fig


EBAY April 16th, mark it on your calendar. Ebay fees skyrocket for the non store folks. That's you and me, the little guy who wants to sell something now and then. They are slowly but surley putting us totally out of the picture. We/us little guys are what made Ebay in the first place. Now the young mom can't sell her old baby clothes on ebay, cuz the fees will go up BBBBIIIIIGGGG TIME. She like me have to mark things up so high now just to cover fees, and it will never sell cuz the su


Standard holder I am looking for this coin holder MS70 2011 Silver eagle. Sometimes called the standard label, the regular label, or the brown/gold label. This is just like any other yr. Eagle holder, and other denominations. It was used early before they came out with the 25th Anniversary brown label. They then called that the standard label. But it was only for the 2011 yr, because the 2012s have the "standard" label. If anyone has one for sale the 2011 label or knows of someone who is


Christmas Just loaded my 2011 ms69 christmas snowmen to my sets. Have the ms69 25th set in there. I am looking to buy non early release 69 or 70 and brown label 69 and 70 anniversary sets. Reasonably priced. prefer the ms69 ms70s. Let me know ok everyone, hope thanksgiving was good for you all. To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.