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The mint is sold out of 2009 Lincoln birthplace cents.

I have no idea if they will have any more for sale. I will call some banks and see if any of them have any new rolls of these cents. They should be showing up there by now, right? I have not see coins like this disappear unless it was the 90% silver coins that disappeared in 1964. That was when word got out that all silver coins were being replaced by coins with the dreaded "metals other than silver" inside it. All silver coins virtually disappeared from circulation overnight. And our coins

Chasing the Coveted Ultra High Relief Gold Double Eagles

Double your pleasure and double your fun with UHR Gold Double Eagles!! The price at the US Mint for it is going up. As of today, its $1239 and could go up even more. I am glad that I have already ordered mine on the first day that it was released. When it hits the market, I can only imagine what will happen to wholesale prices. But mine is not for sale. It's a keeper!!

Ultra High Relief $50 Gold Coins

Side lettering on the Ultra High Relief Gold Coins Now suppose that some of these new Ultra High Relief Gold Coins have the side lettering missing or the lettering is doubled. How much would this error (if it happens) be worth? Quite a bit, I imagine. Lets see if this happens.

I am number 500.

Will number 500 please stand up? I am number 500 in the Coin Registry points with 84,997. Maybe this year I can crack the 100k point level. It is difficult being 500 with the other collectors still adding to their registries and my income is frozen like the lakes in dead of winter. I have been collecting more seriously in the last 5 years or so and I like doing it. Thanks Howard Eason  

Also sad and disappointed!!

All 7 2006 proof coins graded PF68UCAM were from 2006 Legacy Sets. The penny, dime, nickel, half, dollar and 2 Franklin Founding Father silver dollars were just graded PF68UCAM. How can that happen? They all came from 2006 Legacy sets. They should be called 2006 Worthless-Legacy sets. You would think that these coins would grade higher than that. These coins are not worth selling. I don't know what to do with them now. Im not buying any more so-called Legacy sets.

Worlds Largest Gold Coin, 220 pounds, WOW!

but can you afford it? The worlds largest gold coin is 220 pounds, 20 inches in diameter and 1 inch thick and is made in Canada. The Royal Canadian made the coin for bragging rights for the worlds largest coin and is worth over $1 million dollars. It was unveiled on May 3, 2007. Put the link below in your browser to see a pic: <a href="http://www.gjsentinel.com/featr/content/shared-gen/ap/Feature_Stories/ODD_Huge_Coin.html">http://www.gjsentinel.com/featr/content/shared-gen/ap/Featur


US MINT WEBSITE IS SLAMMED AND JAMMED TODAY The US Mint website is jammed with people logging in today so you might have to wait awhile. Whats the fuss? Well, the new presidential dollars are rolling out today. I dont know yet if I will get the uncirculated coins yet. Thanks Howard

S.F. $5 Proof Dollar

S.F. $5 Proof Dollar just arrived yesterday. I had ordered 21 of them and they arrived yesterday to my surprise. I wasn't expecting them until November at the earliest. Two of them were loose outside of the plastic lens. Eleven of them are being sent to NGC for grading and then I will sell all but one of them on ebay. ***Howard  

New Buffalo $50 Gold Proof coin

How long should one keep a Buffalo $50 Gold Proof coin before selling it? Will this coin keep growing in value or would it be better to sell it off when it becomes old news? what do you think? Howard