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Re Re: easier first

I have sent some GSA's in for economy tier and had them back within 7 days I think all the GSA's get rushed to the front no matter what tier you use because they do not have to go through quality control because its in the Government Holder (at least thats what I have heard). I know I sent in 7 GSA Morgans and they arrived on 9-1-06 and were sent back to me on 9-8-06 so that was 7 calender days, and like i said this was the cheapest tier available not earlybird

Re:More PCGS vs. NGC - 20th Anniversay Gold Eagle Sets

alot of the AGE saets have already been shipped I know I have received my 10 and know alot of others have already received theirs as well, I have not personally had any graded but I have had mine for a few weeks now so there is plenty of time to have them graded by now and get the grades back

Re:A question

It is the basic coin It is like lets say you have a 1878 7TF VAM-70 the price guide will give you the value of a regular 1878 7TF morgan Without the VAM in the same grade, it doesn't give you the value of that specific VAM and that is the parent coin (1878 7TF in the same grade)

"W" !!!!

?W? and ?T? were once used to describe coins as ?White? or ?Toned?. The practice was short lived and is no longer used that is how it was explained in the NGC forum

Re:gold buffalo proof

Nope!! If the box is opened and it is after the 30 day grace period the answer is no they will not designate it as First Strike. The box has got to be sealed and have a date on the box that was within that first 30 day period, if the boxes seal has been broken or if the date on the box is after that date then your coin will not get the designation

Re:Ever had a slab go bad?

they will reslab the coin for 5.00 NGC doesn't grade the coin at all, they just reslab it. The thing with the older slabs that makes them popular is about the same as the old green holders from PCGS, people say that grading was tighter back in those days and the possibility of an upgrade is there (which in some cases can mean thousands of dollars). The old slab doesn't have any more value than a newer slab unless the coin inside is exceptional for the grade given and there is a possibility it

WOW! Talk about FAST turnaround

That has got to be a record for NGC!! I sent my coins in with an early bird tier and they were received on the 17th and today the 24th they have been finalized/imaged/shipped that is only 7 calander days no where near the 24 work days they are advertising for turn around for early bird service so I have to say I am very pleased and just wanted to shar my experience with all of you because I always see how long it took but never see anyone post if they got their order done faster than expected

Re:1991-D Mount Rushmore 50c MS 70

Here is one on ebay I was searching on ebay for the coin you are looking for and here is a link to it in MS-70 condition by NGC http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=8423773193 and here is pictures of the coin mentioned

Re:how can i tell the diff

they came in US Millennium Coinage and Currency Sets they came in US Millennium Coinage and Currency Sets which had the silver eagle, the sacagawea dollar and the $1.00 bill from the year 2000 in the set. Hope this helps, here is a picture of the set from a auction on ebay

Re:Look at this...

well.... it looks like it was struck through grease. At the first picture I thought it was just wear but when I saw the second and third picture I knew it was just struck through grease or something like that, I have seen it on many coins this is one of the most of the design gone because of this type of "error" I have seen in awhile though. I dont think there is any vam#'s assigned to any grease struck through errors though so dont really know if it would carry a premium over a regular morgan

Re:Looking Up Coins

you have to be a paid member to view verify certification for NGC coins They do offer a verify certification database but its for paid members only, if you are a member just log in and click on coins and go down to "verify certification" button and you can put in the number you are wanting to check out

Re:colored silver dollars

its rather simple there is no space for a colored coin in the registry so its rather easy to collect a full set without having these coins in there. the reason these cant be graded is because they were post mint which means they were colored after they left the mint or plated after they left the mint, and no respectable grading company will grade any coin that has been messed with like that after the coin has left the mint. Hope that helps you to understand why they cant be graded and why they

Re: question!!!!

Goodacre is the person that designed the sac dollars the Goodacre coins they are refering to on PCGS website is one that comes under great controversy, the one who designed the Sac dollars name was something Goodacre and they wanted to be paid the 5000 dollar fee for the design in 5000 sac dollars. The mint did what they asked, and they burmished the coins (polished them) and gave them to the designer. There lies the controversy, we all know PCGS nor NGC will grade any coin that has been clean

Re: PROOF 69 OR PROOF 70 ??????

Oh MAN! thats horrible! That is horrible to have something like that happen and I wish I knew what the answer was because thats a 300.00 difference in value with just the 1 point. I hope you either got a GREAT Deal on the coin or they rule that the registry was just entered wrong and its a mistake on that part (which I have defnately heard of before) There has been a few instances where the information was entered incorrectly into the registry so I hope that is the case in your instance


I dont know if you signed up for NGC eNewsletter I dont know if you signed up for NGC's eNewsletter but in the may 2006 edition they addressed the exact thing about the silver eagle and why it is so hard to get a MS-70 grade coin, I am guessing it is just as hard to get PF70 for the same reasons mentioned in the eNewsletter. You can read the article at www.ngccoin.com/news/enews/current.htm in the "coin of the month" section. I know it is frustrating but since I read their report I can underst

Re: GSA Hoard

I like it that they dont crack out GSA out of the original holder I have always liked it that NGC doesnt crack the coin out of its original holder like other companies do. It makes it harder to fit in that plastic NGC case but looks nice in the original holder with just a strip seal saying it was graded by NGC

Re:What does he have for me today - part 2

Thats what I usually do Thats what I usually do when I come across a coin I want or need, I start selling off duplicates I picked up at good prices to pay for the one I need or want to upgrade so I have to say if it was me I would go for it.

My grading seems to lack ability

I am new to collecting but thought I kind of had a idea of what would grade well I have only been collecting coins for almost a year now and thought my grading ability was pretty good until I sent my 5 coins off for grading to NGC and found out it lacks ability. My question is, is there any books or webpages that any of you can suggest me reading that would help me in this field at all. I was pretty close on some coins and way off base on other coins. I had a o/s vam-5 1882 coin that I thought

Re: I got my NGC Eagle Dollar Back

Thats exactly what I get! It shows the 2006 EAGLE REVERSE STRUCK THRU when I punch in the number but when I hit population report it most definately does show the 1795 LETTER EDGE 1/2C. Thats weird!!

Re:...Let's Broaden the Base...

I have to strongly disagree I have to disagree with ANACS or ICG being added to the registry because their grading techniques just do not measure up with PCGS and NGC. I think if they add these two companies to the registry we would have people next time wanting some other named company like capital coin grading company to come in also (and we all know they just look at it with naked eye and then throw a dart to see whether it will grade MS-66 or higher no matter how it looks), I mean where do

Finally got pictures up

Finally got pictures of each coin up I have only been collecting coins for about 8 months and I know I will probably never even reach the top 100 of the morgan entries but I finally got all my pictures croped and uploaded to the site. Wish more people would do the same because I love just sitting here looking at other peoples collection. I am disabled and am unable to travel to shows to see all the wonderful looking coins, so this and very few other places on the web are about the only place I

SMS Coins

Once graded, 2005 SMS coins will appear in the Mint State section Once graded, 2005 SMS coins will appear in the Mint State section of the population report rather than the Proof section as was done for 1965-1967 SMS coins and 1994 and 1997 Specimen coins.