Patterns & Trial Coins (1870-1873)
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Patterns & Trial
1870 J-807 5C PF Coin Auctions

Auction Stats

Category: Patterns & Trial Coins (1870-1873)
Average Grade (1 Year): (No Data)
Average Grade (All Years): PF 52
Average Price (1 Year): (No Data)
Average Price (All Years): $2,739.64
Volume (1 Year): (No Data)
Volume (All Years): 7

Auction Volume

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4 results found.
Auction House(Ascending)
Sale / Lot(Ascending)
3/24/2004 PF 63 NGC Heritage Auctions 2004 March Portland, OR Signature Sale #344, 344/Lot#6662 $3,737.50
8/13/1999 PF 65 PCGS Heritage Auctions 1999 ANA Signature Sale #208, 208/Lot#7770 $3,565.00
1/8/1999 PF 66 NGC Heritage Auctions 1999 F.U.N. Signature Sale #195, 195/Lot#7525 $2,415.00
2/6/1995 PF 65 PCGS Heritage Auctions February 1995 Long Beach Sale #130, 130/Lot#6049 $1,980.00

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