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in coin grading.

NGC is the world’s largest and most trusted third-party coin grading company. Scroll down to learn why more collectors and dealers choose NGC.

More than 36,000,000 coins graded.

In over 29 years, NGC has graded more coins from more countries than any other company.
Click on the map or zoom in to see how many coins NGC has graded from each country. The map is updated weekly.

NGC has graded 36 million coins as of June 2016, however, due to certain bulk submissions, NGC Details graded coins, resubmissions,
coins removed from holders and other reasons the numbers displayed in the NGC Census and the above map will be lower.

Nearly 30 full-time grading professionals.

NGC employs the industry’s best and most accurate team of graders. Many have been with NGC for a decade or longer, ensuring unparalleled consistency.

More than $1 million invested in the most secure holder.

NGC’s Scratch-Resistant EdgeView® Holder is the same tested and used by the Smithsonian Institution and other museums around the world. Designed for long-term protection, the NGC holder is sonically sealed and made from inert materials.

And with more than $1 million invested in research and development, its watermarks, microprinting, fused holograms — and a few features kept secret — result in a holder that protects against counterfeiting.

Most comprehensive guarantee.

Every coin that NGC certifies is backed by the NGC guarantee of grade and authenticity, the strongest guarantee in the industry.

Higher prices realized.

The world’s greatest coins go to market with NGC — and often exceed expectations at auction. This rare NGC-graded 1910 Yunnan Spring dollar was the first Chinese coin to break the $1 million barrier at auction, selling for $1,035,000 in Hong Kong.

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NGC provides comprehensive market insight to help collectors make informed buying and selling decisions.

Trust your coins to the world leader.

More collectors and dealers choose NGC for its accuracy, consistency and integrity. Have your coins graded by the world leader, with these two easy ways to submit: