NGC Details Grading

Available September 1, 2009

Unfortunately, not all coins can be numerically graded on NGC’s 70-point grading scale. This includes coins with detrimental surface conditions that result from exposure to extreme environments or mishandling, either deliberate or unintentional. However, these coins can be authenticated and have their conditions consistently and accurately described using precise grading terminology, NGC Details Grading.

When certified with NGC Details Grading, each coin is first assigned a details grade that accords to the amount of detail present on the coin. Coins lose detail as the result of wear, which is metal loss that occurs during circulation. The coin’s details grade is then followed by a description of the surface condition that makes it ineligible for standard NGC grading. These descriptors include such terms as CORROSION, SCRATCHES or ARTIFICIAL TONING. A complete guide to the terms used by NGC Details Grading will be available at

Beginning September 1, 2009, all coins that exhibit detrimental surface conditions submitted under any of NGC’s grading tiers will automatically be graded and encapsulated using NGC Details Grading. This service is provided automatically at no additional charge. Submitters may elect to opt out of NGC Details Grading, but full grading fees apply to all coins examined, regardless of whether or not the submitter chooses to have them encapsulated. Concurrently, NCS encapsulation will be discontinued.

NGC Details Grading Q & A

Q. How can I recognize NGC Details Graded coins?

A. All coins that have been details graded by NGC are encapsulated with the distinctive purple NGC Details Grade label.


Does NGC have a genuine-only service?

A. No. All coins certified under NGC Details Grading are assigned details grades and their detrimental surface conditions are disclosed on the labels.


Q. Can I have NCS-encapsulated coins crossed over to NGC?

A. Yes. A new NCS CrossOver service is being introduced for $5 per coin. NCS-encapsulated coins can be details graded and encapsulated by NGC for this low service fee. Note that coins described as Genuine by NCS will be assigned details grades by NGC, and their surface conditions will be disclosed on the NGC Details Grading label.


Q. Will all coins submitted to NGC come back encapsulated?

A. For many submitters, this service means the end of the so-called "body bag," when a coin is returned in a flip with a brief description of its surface condition. There are still a number of reasons why a coin could not be encapsulated by NGC. These include coins that are NOT GENUINE or are of QUESTIONABLE AUTHENTICITY. These also include coins that have been deceptively altered, such as ADDED MINTMARK or ALTERED DATE. Last, coins with active PVC residue will not be encapsulated. Coins of this last category will be identified as candidates for conservation, where appropriate.


Q. How do I opt out of this service?

A. NGC Details Grading is performed by default at no additional charge to the submitter. New NGC submission forms include a check box labeled, NO NGC DETAILS GRADING. When marked, coins that are not eligible for standard NGC numerical grading are returned in flips with their detrimental surface condition noted. In this way, a submitter can elect to opt out on a per-submission basis. A submitter can elect to have this option automatically applied to all of his or her submissions, and a submitter cannot mix encapsulation and opt-out requests on a single submission form. Regular grading fees apply to all coins, whether or not a submitter elects to opt out of NGC Details Grading.